Things You Thought Were Real...BUT Aren't

Valentine's Day - I hope however you chose to celebrate that you made it a good one! The day just happened to give me an excuse to do something nice for my new friend "Norm". He's been planning a trip to Greece to hike Mt. Olympus so for weeks I had been researching hiking guides to Mt. Olympus. NOT EASY TO FIND! Every time I google searched Mt Olympus , Mt. Olympia in Washington would come up (FYI - adding that National Park to my bucket list). I checked Amazon...they had a few OK options, but all for download on a tablet. Call me old school, but for rugged activities I want a book not a computer...something I wouldn't be so upset about if it got wet or dirty! 

I visited a few bookstores...asked about Mount Olympus guides and got the look of two heads! I was pointed in the direction of the Greece travel guides...went through a few indexes and eventually found some info a guide about Mount Olympus. Based on the difficulty of finding info I started to doubt myself and wonder if I was an idiot and Olympus was just the fictional name of the home of the Gods. However, it is in fact a real place! 

The quest however got me to thinking about things you thought were real, but then later found out did not really exist like pink lemons and blue blood. 

True story...up until I was 18 I thought pink lemons like the ones on the country time lemonade existed. Researching last night...there is a lemon with a pink inside, but one with a pink rind is fiction! 

As for blue blood...come on you all thought it until you learned science! 

Further proof Mount Olympus really exists! Thank you good ole youtube...

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