How To Beat Loneliness - Tips From A 90 Year Old

Personally... I've been rolling solo a long time and to many it can appear that I do solo well. I don't believe in relationships for the sake of having just anyone...I want someone that checks most boxes. So I've found numerous ways to keep myself occupied and surrounded by people.  

I came across this story about a 90 year old man named Derek. Recently he lost his wife and sister and to combat loneliness he made a list! Everyone experiences loneliness at times regardless of age. The advice I give to friends going through breakups and Derek's list seem to coincide quite a here you go... feel free to add! 

  1. Make an effort to make new friends.
  2. Join a hobbies club.
  3. Visit your local community or resource center and find out what’s available.
  4. Learn to use a computer at your local library. (remember this came from a 90 year sweet!)
  5. Seek help from your local social service.
  6. Consider taking a lodger or paying guest.
  7. Use you phone more often to contact people; don’t wait for people to contact you.
  8. Contact friends and relatives you haven’t spoken to recently.
  9. Make friends with your neighbors.
  10. Do volunteer work if you are able to.

My personal addition...get a pet if you can properly care for one! Roxy really was a huge gift for me! 

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