80s Cartoons - Things Nightmares Are Made Of!

Last night took a little trip down memory lane and watched Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer. As I was watching my co-watcher (we'll call him Norm) pointed out that 80s cartoons had some scary scenarios! Probably the reason as kids we had so many nightmares.

As I reflected I thought about all the ghosts, demons, and creepy crawlies that appeared in many of my favorites like Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony. In fact about a month ago my 2 year old neighbor found a particular episode of My Little Pony that had her mother asking me "what the heck did you watch as a kid...this is why you are the way you are" ... the particular episode was "The Ghost Of Paradise Estate" - check out a dramatic clip for yourself. 

What cartoons gave you nightmares? Are your kids cartoons as creepy as yours were? 

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