PROGRESS! Healthtrax Training 2017

So I've been trying to get back into my workout routine after vacation and an unexpected weekend. Waking up this morning I knew endorphins were necessary! I pushed through another strength training with Henri burning over 300 calories (workouts only count when the FitBit is on right ;-)) AND we did a weigh in! Haven't weighed in since January when we started this third round! (Results Below)

This was one of the moves Henri put me through...3 sets of bent over rows with 30 pounds in hand. 


Let me explain the last two columns... 

164.2 was my weigh in when we started in January. I was pleased as my muscle mass was at 69 lbs and my fat had gone down from 2016 to 25.1 lbs. 

This morning about 6 weeks from the last weigh in I'm under 160 with less fat weight and less muscle (not too happy about that, but now that I'm feeling better I can get that back up). I expect my overall number to go up a little again when muscle goes's the 24.8 I want to shrink! That's the body fat percentage. 


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