Healthtrax Training w. Amanda Jo Workout 4

This past week I've already squeezed in a 7 mile run. A ran with someone faster than myself so I def felt it for a few days! Trying to keep up was rough! BUT I was pleased to see on my FitBit that most of that run stayed in the red instead of the orange which means I did some WORK! Overall running with someone faster not a bad idea! 

Got in some volleyball last night where I took a hard spike ball to the face! I was done after that shot, but lets be real tis the danger of the game! 

AND...this morning I got in my workout with Henri at Healthtrax! One thing I love about his sessions is that I fill him in on everything I've so far done in the week and before we get started he has me foam roll the parts that are tight from my workouts. Now we do most of our moves with free weights, but there is one machine that I love...the leg press! Check it out! 

BTW - It's not even February...if you made a New Years Resolution DON'T BE A QUITTER!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!



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