Rejection Hotlines - Because You May Need These Again

So last night I cruised around the North End with my sister and cousin... our mission ... Espresso Martinis!

Along the way though I befriended a lovely gentlemen who was clearly hitting on me, but didn't try to ask for my number!!! I'm dense when it comes to getting hit on most of the time, but this dude was all "I love everything about this - outfit, hair, EYEBROWS (that was a first)" and I hung around chatting for a bit because despite the eyebrow comment I didn't find him creepy at all ... WHY DIDN'T HE ASK FOR THE NUMBER!?

Though that wasn't meant to be and he wasn't a creep... there's plenty of creepers out there. Dating is back on and if you need to avoid some weirdos I have a few numbers for you!

915-262-3062 - a recorded message from Santa

618-625-8313 - this will give a special message from Stranger Things start Murray Bauman


719-26-OATES - The Callin' Oates hotline will give your failed suitor a Hall & Oates tune

Just make sure if you drop any of these numbers it's right before you vacate the premise...otherwise it could get real awkward.

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