The Real World Homecoming: New York - 30 Years Later

I'm a self proclaimed BravoTV addict but the show that started reality TV was the OG social experiment - Real World on MTV. The last season I can recollect watching entirely is when they went back to New York for the 20th anniversary, but now they're going back back to NY with the OG cast moving back in together for a streaming series on Paramount plus.

I stopped watching when it seemed like producers were really just trying to get the casts drunk and make bad decisions. BUUUT those first years introduced America to so many people that may not be like ourselves. Pedro was the first person so many of us felt like we knew that had AIDS. So many openly gay cast members taking us through their struggles. It truly was groundbreaking to start.

When they did the Boston cast I thought Genesis was so cool and I wanted to live in they city in a fire house. Maybe if this is successful they'll reboot more of the first casts!

Watch the trailer!