These Phrases Get The Most Right Swipes.... Screams Red Flags To Me!

After a lovely Sunday Funday drinking lots of Lisa Vanderpump Rose bopping from Pier 6 to Reelhouse to Tia's I allowed Colton to create a Tinder profile for me.

Let me just say he picked some photos that I wouldn't necessarily have used myself, but so far it's been over 12 hours and the conversations I've had with two different guys haven't gotten weird yet. Let's see what happens in the next 12....

Now I've dabbled in the app dating before and I can tell you there's a few phrases that scream red flags to me... "heavy drinker" and "living with parents" are two of them. However, according to a recent survey it seems the most eligible online daters drink a lot and live with mom and dad.

Now I would say I'm a social drinker and I do like my wine, but heavy drinker screams "I have a problem" and living with parents screams "they shouldn't be your roommates past your mid twenties!". I even give til mid twenties to live with the parents because I do understand the millennial struggle!

If you swipe right on these "heavy drinkers" that "live with mom and dad" I question your judgement! What are some phrases online that have you running in the other direction???

Source - SWNS Digital

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