Palmer High School - School Supply Drive

Palmer High School needs your help! After a recent fire broke out, they are in the stages of clean up and repair. Many fear many school supplies will be thrown away due to the damage from the fire. So to prepare,a family got the idea to hold a school supply drive. The following was posted on

As you all may know, a fire broke out in Palmer High School on Sunday, March 10th. Thanks to quick work of the fire department, the fire itself caused minimal damage. However because of the significant amounts of smoke and soot, school has been cancelled until the 25th so that proper cleaning can occur. Classroom materials such as books, curriculum resources and other school supplies run the risk of being thrown away because of the smoke damage. It is our hope that our community can rally around our great educators and school to help ease this transition back on the 25th. If you have any questions or are a teacher and would like additional materials added to the list please reach out to Colby Gilman or Lori Chiacchia.

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Photo: JackMoreh/Freerangestock


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