Hi. My name is Ashley and I am writing about my teacher, Mr.Guyette, who is my shining star. He is a one in a million teacher. I didn\'t want to go to school any more. This year, that all changed thanks to my 5th grade teacher - Mr. Guyette. Mr. Guyette really got to know me, he helped me with my fears, things that are hard for me and he always turned my challenges into a positive. He makes me want to succeed and he is always so patient and understanding. He is funny too and can do a cartwheel for us when we are good. I never had a teacher who could do that! He tells us we are all special and all have special qualities and traits. He makes us work hard, but in a fun way. He helps me on his own time, while the rest of the class is in band, so that I can be ready for my day. He even encouraged me to enter into our annual Jane Yolen writing contest and I won! I wouldn\'t have even entered without him. I know he loves what he does because he is such a great teacher and deserves to be recognized. Thank you. Ashley Fill