Ms. Robillard

Mapleshade Elementary-5th Grade


Ms. Robillard is a creative teacher who keeps us involved in things that will help in the future. She set up a banking and store system where we can turn in our credits and subtract our debits. We use our checkbooks to pay for the items we wish for or need. That’s not all, we do fun activities like in Science we are working on building MAGLEV TRAINS! We also made terrariums, musical instruments and penguin enclosures. This month, Ms. Robillard held a Coffeehouse meeting with the parents to keep them in touch with the things we do during the school day. She let us read our stories on Audio-book about a picture we made on animals. Then she put a bar code on the pictures and most of us got to use a QR scanner to scan our bar codes so our parents and we could listen to our story. She also let us create Explorer cereal boxes and commercials to advertise the cereals. We learned a lot about the different explorers who discovered places in the United States this way. We made a hip hop music video to help us learn about the order of operations also known as pemdas. In case you don’t know what that is, it stands for parenthesis, exponents, multiply, divide, add or subtract. Ms. Robillard  put all of these things together in a video presentation for our parents with pictures of our science project challenges and Sturbridge Village visit.  She even bought coffee and breakfast snacks for the parents (and let the kids have little donuts if the parents said it was okay). Ms. Robillard  lets us work on the computer with programs like KidBlog, Moby Math and Socrative to help us look at different ways of doing things to get to learn. Before we started using the computers, she made sure we got to know about computer safety  and which websites to use to make sure students did not come across inappropriate things on the web. We get to write blogs about what we have read during reading. Other students get to read the blog and they get inspired to read those books. Every time we do something that is really good, Ms. Robillard takes out her magic purple pen and adds credits that we earn to our paycheck. If we do something we’re not supposed to, she uses the same pen to subtract credits. The credit system is teaching us about work ethic (that’s doing the right thing at work and not the wrong thing). Our most recent  project was to bring in 5 things that makes us special. That let us all share things that meant a lot to us with our classmates.  I learned a lot about the others in the class and they learned a lot about me. Ms. Robillard is awesome and you should pick her for Teacher of the Month!

Nominated by: Adele Hill


Student: Erin