Teacher of the Month - December


Mrs. Mack


Glenbrook Middle School - 6th Grade

I am new to the area and was struggling with math. Mrs. Mack said that I could come in as early as 7:00 a.m. to get extra help and work on corrections so I could get a better grade. For the last couple of years I would get C and D’s on my report card. I would come in early in the morning to work with Mrs. Mack or I could stay as late as I would need to after school. She even stayed until 8:00 one night for another student! I found out that on my report card I got a B. I was so happy and it was all because of my teacher Mrs. Mack , she is the best 6th grade teacher. That is why she should be Teacher of the Month.

Thank you,
Linnea Piper

Nominated by: Linnea Piper
Parent: Annika Piper