September 2013 Teacher of the Month

Ms. Jensen
St Mary’s Elementary School
Westfield, Ma
Ms. Jensen-Derrig had our son first 4 years ago.

He was a year behind in school and transferred from public to St. Mary's.  She took a broken, not confident boy with ADHD to now a bright, outgoing honor roll student. She mow has our daughter who is just flourishing already with her.
But, most importantly it is what she does for all her students staying after school, tutoring, and even nominating a family in need last year for 5 on your side so they could get some $ for their family. The mother has cancer and it meant so much to them:)

She is a bright and shining star to her students and her families.

Although we share a last name, there is no relation, but she has become family to us for all she has given our children.

I know teachers at school make far less then public, but she is such an awesome asset!
Nominated by: Robin Jensen