My teacher, Dr. Strauss, should be Teacher of the Month because he is special. He is special because he became my teacher 2 months after the school year began ? he replaced the 4th grade teacher who left and who I thought couldn't be replaced but Dr. Strauss proved me wrong. My teacher, who was totally new to the school, quickly help me feel better; he is smart and funny and he was a scientist and he shares all his stories and experiences and makes the day very interesting. He makes me laugh; for the IOWA testing he gave us inspiring notes every day like "you're on a roll, keep up the good work" and he would give us a tootsie roll to go with it! And with his awesome teaching, lessons, and guidance that Dr. Strauss offers me I achieved to be on honor rolls for the second time this school year. My teacher, Dr. Strauss, is amazing and he has made my 4th grade year just as amazing?!