Question: Theoretically speaking we are all suppose to do this but only one in three workers actually do ...what is it ?

Answer: Give two weeks notice when quiting!

QUESTION: The average price of one of these is $149 -- and one in six of us will shell out for one this year. What are they?

Answer: Speeding tix!

QUESTION: About one in 10 Americans say they "always" do this at a restaurant. What is it?

Answer : Wipe off the silverware before using it !

Question : The typical American will do this about 6000 times in his or her lifetime ...although women do it around 1000 times more than men ?

Answer : Step on a scale

Question : The average American consumes about 11 pounds of this per year - the typical resident of China just three ounces.What is it ?

Answer : Chocolate