Question : For guys, this lasts about an hour. For women, its three to four hours...what is it ?

Answer : Fragrance .... the scent of cologne lasts only about a quarter as long as the scent of perfume does.


Question : According to a new British survey, we're most likely to do this at exactly 4:12 in the afternoon ...what is it ?

Answer : Snack or cheat on their diet ! 


Question : One in every 30 children born in America last year has one of these ....what are they ?

Answer : A twin ! 


Question : The Average American has 338 of these ... Some of us top a thousand, a few have none at all....

Answer : Facebook friends 

Question : 14 % of American companies offer this per, versus about 85% in Europe What is it ?

Answer : Paid paternity leave for new dads