QUESTION: About one in eight elementary school kids do this daily, but 40 years ago, half of all kids did it. What is it?

ANSWER: Walk to school

Question : According to a recent Womens Magazine survey, the top 3 things sure to ruin your day are : #1 having an arguement #2 having a bad day...whats # 3 ?

Answer : Your pants don't fit

Question : The average American  does this 4 times a week and the most common time to do this just before 7pm...what is it ?

Answer : Have an alcoholic beverage

Question : About 30 % of drivers have done this while behind the wheel...slightly more women than men ...what is it ?

Answer : Flipped the bird to another driver

Question : Peoplein Denver do this more often than people in any other city...what is it ?

Answer : Go on blind dates !