Question : Americans lose nearly $5 million per year by not doing this ... what is it ?

Answer : Getting change out of the vending machine !

Question : According to a new YouGov poll, four in 10 Americans havent done this and don't plan to ...what is it ?

Answer : Watching the Olympics ...43% say they haven't seen a single event...


Question  : Two in every 100 people older then 65 are still doing this . What is it ?

Answer  : Paying off of student loans


Question : We use this every day, but most of us clean it only once a year... What is it?

Answer: Our matress! Experts advise vaccuming or cleaning it every month.

Question : According to a new survey it takes the typical woman 6 days to do this ...but the average guy needs more than a month ...what is it ?

Answer : Break up with someone