Guinea Pig
1 year
This great little Guinea pig is very handsome and very friendly.  He used to love to sit on his family members laps.  He lived with a young child.  He and the household dog would go nose to nose too.  This little guy had great care.  He had and will continue to need a well balanced diet (Guinea pig pellets, timothy hay, and veggies and fruit in moderation).  Some of his favorites were apples and any lettuce other than iceberg, strawberries, grapes, and cantaloupe.  Chicken enjoyed an occasional treat of yogurt drops.  Guinea pigs need supplemental Vitamin C.  Drops can be added to their water. Chicken is used to baths (less frequently is better), having his ears cleaned and being brushed. 
Guinea pigs typically make very agreeable pets for young children because they rarely bite and don’t have some of the special handling requirements of rabbits, for example.  Of course, they need out of cage time every day and when handled by children, they should be supervised.  Their cage should be a good size, outfitted with water, timothy or sweet meadow hay (not alfalfa), bedding that is best is cloth over newspaper not cedar shavings, and a hidey house.  The most fun are wooden houses that they can stand on and chew on.  Guinea pigs need untreated wood to help keep their teeth trimmed.
Dakin has a lot of small animals awaiting adoption including birds.  In Springfield, in addition to Chicken, we have a pair of Guinea pig and are expecting some babies to come in this week.  We also have Guinea pigs in Leverett awaiting new homes.

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