Manhattan College basketball coach Steve Masiello took his team to the NCAA tournament this year but lost to Louisville in the first round. But the University of South Florida was so impressed with the job he did in New York so they offered him a job which he gladly accepted yesterday (Tuesday). 


But not so fast. Upon further review of his credentials, South Florida last night rescinded the offer. It turns out that Masiello did something that so many job applicants do -- he lied on his resume. The University did some investigating and discovered that Masiello never graduated from the University of Kentucky as he had indicated on his resume. He did in fact attend the university for four years, but doesn't actually have the communications degree which he claims to have earned.


Before taking the job at Manhattan, Masiello spent six years as Rick Pitino's assistant coach at Louisville. Pitino, who also coached Masiello when he played at Kentucky, was shocked to learn that he never graduated. He tells ESPN, "If it's accurate, I'm shocked by it. I had no idea. I left the previous year and he was on track to graduate." There's no word yet on whether Manhattan College will take Masiello back, or if he's now stuck looking for another job. (ESPN)