WAVERLY, Ohio (WTVN) -- This weekend marks four months since the historic Emmitt House was destroyed by fire in Waverly.

While the Ohio State Fire Marshal's office continues their investigation, the owner of the 152-year old building, Pam Ison, posted details of an insurance company investigation she claimed had been completed. In the posting she gave details about a furnace that she claimed the investigation pointed to as the cause of the January 6th fire, noting that temperatures that night were near zero and the furnace likely worked too hard.

The post also gave details about a man who was videotaping the fire for about 20 minutes before notifying authorities. She thanked him for finally coming forward. Investigators had been looking for photos or video from the early stages of the fire.

A call to Ison seeking comment was not returned.

The post and Emmitt House Facebook page have since been deleted, but not before state investigators saw it. 

"They did seen the posting. Outside of that it's really not germane to our investigation right now," said Michael Duchesne, spokesman for the Ohio State Fire Marshal's office.

Duchesne says their investigation continues and nothing has been ruled out yet. He added that they have gotten a lot of photos and video from the public and even were able to track down an off-duty firefighter from Pennsylvania who was at the restaurant that night.

"He didn't have a whole lot to add, but he did confirm that he believed that there was a fire in the building and helped to make sure that everybody got out," he said.

If the insurance company had wrapped up their investigation he was not aware of it. While there's no state law mandating that the insurance company share the findings of their investigation, Duchesne noted that they have a good working relationship with companies in Ohio.