CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WTVN) -- Chillicothe Police Chief Roger Moore has been on paid administrative leave for nearly a month. A report, released Thursday, finds that the city can discipline him for seven of eight charges against him.

The report was written by Columbus attorney Michael Moses, who was the hearing officer at a pre-disciplinary hearing held last week. It gave both sides a chance to present their cases on a list of accusations of misconduct by Moore.

Moore has grabbed headlines for a series of issues that Mayor Jack Everson says have cast the city and police department in "a negative light." The latest involved Moore refusing to write letters of apology to Chillicothe City Schools Superintendent Jon Saxton and Ross County Sheriff George Lavender for e-mails he sent each earlier this year.

Moore claims that the e-mail to Saxton was about the schools not having a safety plan that was developed with the help of the police and fire departments. His letter to Lavender dealt with sheriff's deputies working undercover in the city without notifying Chillicothe Police.

Both men complained to Everson about the e-mails from Moore, prompting his request that the chief write "sincere" apologies. He deemed that Moore's attempt didn't meet that requirement.

Moore was also captured on video getting into a verbal confrontation with a man outside the Cozy Inn, a Chillicothe bar, last year. Moore was also involved in a confrontation with a city employee, Tamara Lowe, that prompted her to call 911.

The one incident that Moses found the city didn't have the ability to discipline Moore over happened last year when Moore was seen on video appearing to toss a case file on a desk in Chillicothe Municipal Court as he walks out of the courtroom. The file falls to the floor and Moore keeps walking. A complaint was never filed and Moses says there's no evidence to support a claim that any misconduct happened.

Everson says that punishment could be handed out as early as Friday, but Moore would have the right to appeal. It's something Moore indicated he is willing to do.