BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio (WTVN) A nine-year-old boy spent Wednesday night in the Juvenile Detention Center, after getting arrested at Benjamin Logan Elementary School in Bellefontaine.

Logan County Sheriff Andrew Smith says the boy became unruly during class, and his deputies were called when the boy tried to run away. "The teacher located him on school grounds, and attempted to calm him down. That was somewhat successful, but they still were not able to convince him that he needed to go with his mother," Smith said. 

When deputies arrived, the student became belligerent again, and tried to flee again. Smith says, "Based on conversations with Family Court folks, school officials, and his mother, the child was placed under arrest..." The boy was charged with disorderly conduct.

The boy calmed down when he was taken from the scene, according to deputies, and detention center officials say he had a quiet visit there.

As for why the boy did not want to go with his mother, the Sheriff says, "We contacted Children's Services, and they're working on that piece of the investigation now."