COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- The mumps outbreak at Ohio State University has spread beyond campus and even the city of Columbus.

The latest update from Columbus Public Health shows 82 confirmed cases, including 65 at OSU.

There are now cases in neighboring Fairfield, Licking, and Union Counties and one case in Cincinnati.

"That's actually a family member of an OSU student," said Columbus Public Health spokesman Jose Rodriguez.

He expects to see the numbers continue to climb. That's because the disease is highly contagious and about a third of those who have it don't know they do.

"This is a highly infectious disease so it's very easy to get and it's very easy to give," he said.

Health experts also suggest making sure you have two doses of the vaccine. Most children are given an MMR shot around the 7th grade, but that may not be enough. Even with the vaccine, Rodriguez says there's no guarantee that you won't get the mumps.

"Even if you've been vaccinated you're still 10 to 20 percent vulnerable to the infection."

Basic things like washing your hands, covering your cough and sneeze, and staying isolated if you have symptoms are the best ways to prevent the disease from spreading.