COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Legislation would keep agencies and municipalities from agreeing to house illegal immigrants. A bill from State Rep. John Adams would cut off funding from the state for those who take in illegals.

"It's a public health and safety issue," said Adams, a Sidney Republican.

There are concerns about health issues or gang affiliations among some of those who have flooded the border with Mexico in recent weeks. The federal government is trying to house the illegal immigrants around the country. Ohio currently houses more than 300 and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley has offered temporary housing for more.

Adams says Gov. John Kasich's office didn't even know about the illegal immigrants coming to Ohio and it took four days for the federal government to respond to questions about them.

"Ohio has sovereignty and we need to be informed of who's coming into our state," said Adams.

It's unclear if the bill will have time to get through both chambers and to the governor's desk by the time the current General Assembly ends. Even if it doesn't, Adams says it's a discussion that needs to be had.