FLORENCE, Ky. (WTVN) -- When you take someone out to a Florence Freedom baseball game you won't be able to buy some peanuts or Cracker Jacks.

"We're just taking it off the menu," said Sarah Eichenberger, assistant general manager of marketing and promotions.

The team is believed to be the first in the nation to make such a move. It's due to the growing number of people with peanut allergies. It's a number that has tripled in recent years.

There have been a few complaints, but Eichenberger says most people are understanding.

"The response has been overwhelmingly positive from our fans," she said.

It's not just touching or eating peanuts that can be harmful to those with peanut allergies. Even shelling peanuts can release the food proteins that trigger allergic reactions.

Eichenberger says they've been asked about making a peanut-free area of the ballpark, but she says given the configuration of the stadium it wouldn't work.

"We're getting rid of peanut M&Ms as well and then we had those lovely Drumstick ice cream cones that we all love that have peanuts on top of them," she said.

They'll be replaced with new flavors of cookies, chocolate bars, chips, and trail mix provided by a Chicago company that specializes in allergy-free foods.

Eichenberger says they aren't on quest to rid the world of peanuts.

"We're just trying to stay consistent with our branding and offer a family-friendly entertainment value for everyone, not just some of us."

Eichenberger believes there is another team that could soon follow suit and sees peanut-free ballparks becoming a trend.

(Photo courtesy Getty Images)