It doesn’t seem to be too bad this morning, but yesterday various officials did a good bit of talking about the stench in Springfield. It turns out that it wasn’t Bondi’s Island…it was a private landfill that provided all the problems. That problem has been rectified, which should mean you will be able to take a breath without feeling sick.

Susan Dawson, the former Agawam Mayor is attempting a political comeback. She has announced that she is going to run for City Council.

We could be expecting an announcement at any time in the Captain Dan O'Brien case. He is the embattled West Springfield Police Captain accused of excessive force. There is an agreement between the two parties that everyone seems happy with. But by rule that agreement won't be announced for five days.

Springfield Police still investigating the death of a man inside of a burning car on Industry Avenue this week. Police say there is nothing in the case to believe it is other than a suicide.

Palmer wants a casino. But it turns out first they are going to get a racetrack first. Ground has been broken for a two point three mile car racing track. It will be the only one in the state. The track is planned for Whiskey Hill.

Funeral services has been announced for Monday for a two year old child accidentally run over by a car at his grandmother’s house in East Hartford. That toddler turns out was from Springfield. Police are still investigating.Kyaun Jackson being described as a smart, well behaved child.

Gov. Deval Patrick is heading out of town again, this time to visit his daughter and grandson in California. Patrick will leave Massachusetts on Wednesday and is set to return on Sunday. It's the latest in a series of out-of-state trips for Patrick, who has just 14 months left in his second _ and he says his last _ term as governor.

In Chicopee, the PVTA has donated a van to Lorraine’s Kitchen. The organizations old van had seen better days and so PVTA donated one from its garage. It’s a seven year old van…which was considered too old to keep on the road but good enough for the Chicopee Pantry.