(Yahoo!) - Kerry Washington took on her "Saturday Night Live" hosting duties Nov. 2 like a champ. Playing First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah, and (almost) Beyoncé just in the opening skit alone, this "Scandal" star stayed very busy during the live show.

And she's still reeling from the experience. When Washington stopped by "Chelsea Lately" Thursday night, the pregnant newlywed couldn't help but gush to host Chelsea Handler that she loved every minute of it.

"It was so fun. Oh my gosh, coming from a comedian," Kerry said, flattered at Handler's kind words about her performance. "That was one of the best weeks of my life to be able to go and play with those really smart, really funny people."

Not only were the people great, but Kerry confessed she didn't even mind all of the quick costume changes.

"It's like a well-choreographed dance. They have people moving stages, and people literally pick you up and toss you to the other side of the room and change your clothes while you stand there like a puppet," Kerry said. "At one point, I was hovering above ground because this woman had held me while these other women were changing my shoes and changing my wig and fixing my makeup … and then you're back on stage. It's extraordinary."

Kerry didn't just rave about her time at 30 Rock on TV — she also thanked the cast and crew directly in the form of a tasty box of Sprinkles cupcakes. "I just loved EVERY single second of my week with you all. Thank you so much. XO, Kerry," read the note that was attached (and later shared by the show).

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