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Jake Owen says he didn't realize how severe his injuries were immediately after his recent go-kart crash.  The country star tells when he emerged from the vehicle he thought he was "fine," but then looked at his hand and saw "the glove was just disintegrated." 

He adds that the ER doctors in North Carolina "just sewed it up," but once he got back to Nashville he "had surgery right away."  The singer says he "shattered his fingers," explaining that the doctor had to "suture the bones back up to even make it a bone and then put a screw in there to keep it together." 

Jake says his thoughts right after the crash were of his family, and even now "the worst part of it" is that he can't hold his eight-month-old daughter.  He also might never play the guitar again.  Owen says his doctors "don't know the prognosis," and he won't find out the extent to which he'll be able to use his hand for another eight weeks. 

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