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Country outlaw, Brantley Gilbert is set to release his new album in March, but he stopped by US 103.5 FM in Tampa, FL to play some unmastered tracks off the new album for some lucky listeners.

"We didn't really want to rush this thing...It's been about 4 years since we had that last one out, and a lots happend in 4 years, so I wanted to make sure [you know] I got all of it and got the right songs that tell the right stories."

Brantley also refrenced his his ex-fiance, Jana Kramer. "You outta read the death threats that little girl got." "She and I are straight, we still talk [you know] every week...Sometime [expletive] don't work."

And from the "You Would Have NEVER Guessed File", Brantley's favoriite movies...Rocky, Rambo & The Notebook. "It's a classic love story...I'm a gentleman, but I'm a bachelor, and if I'm gonna have to wirte a love song right now I'm gonna have to watch that movie."